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All techniques and methods of work of our center are authoring.
It took 7 years to develop authoring techniques for working with the body, then 2 years to complete the practice (including a year abroad) and since February 2018, The Biodynamic & Brain secrets institute (Biodynamics center) officially positions this technique on the market of complementary medical services.
Before starting work in Kazakhstan, the specialists of “Sensus vita” practiced the method abroad a year, participating in thematic conferences, seminars and workshops. We organized and conducted abroad both private and joint patient / client receptions with partners. Currently, five certified specialists using the “Sensus vita” method are receiving in Kazakhstan.
At the moment, there are representative offices in the city of Almaty (educational holding "Nur Academy"),
Kyzylorda and Aktobe (network of health insurance company "Interteach").

Feedback from our patients:

28 years old, married, Astana
review from 13.06.2018

My name is Assel, I am 28 years old, married with 2 children. Having participated in the "Focus Group" I felt the result of the pelvic floor muscle contraction immediately, I really liked all the osteopaths (ed. Center - biodynamists), all professionals in their field. I want to express my deep gratitude to the Center for the opportunity to participate in such wonderful promotions. Without thinking, I will recommend you to everyone ❤. Thanks again!!! (stylistics and spelling preserved)

28 years old, married, Astana
review from 14.06.2018

My name is Dinara, 28 years old, 2 children. I have been driving my son to the center of biodynamics since May. The son of the problem: the displacement of the cervical vertebrae, the latent form of strabismus, flat - valgus feet, and the child was very closed in itself. Now we are seeing improvements: we have eliminated the displacement, it remains to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck. The son began to communicate with peers, play in a team, became less nervous. Gone are pain in the feet at night. Also, thanks to the center for the opportunity to participate in the focus group. This made me understand exactly how the specialists of the center help their patients, that this is painless and not dangerous. During the sessions, I felt that the waves swayed me, and that the certain parts of my body that the biodynamist was working with were in some kind of magnetic field. Next, we are waiting for verification from our specialists (det. Oculist and neuropathologist). And if there is a need, we will continue to continue to come to the center, since we see positive results. I wish success and prosperity to the center! (stylistics and spelling preserved)

54 54 years old, married, Astana
review from 26.06.2018

My name is Altynai, 54 years old, Astana. She came to the center with complaints of headache, general weakness and nervousness. An osteopath worked with me ... (ed. Of the Center - SV biodynamist). Passed 3 sessions, during which the emotional background has leveled off, breathing has opened. Got a connection with my inner self, which gives inner balance. Thank you ... for the work. I wish you creative success! (stylistics and spelling preserved)

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